Giveaway Closed

W I N N E R S:
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As I mentioned last night, I will be giving a theme giveaway! There will
be two winners for each users. Read the mechanics below.


♥ Must be a follower on instagram

♥ Repost this picture and tag me

♥ Use the hashtag #dpmodegiveaway

Please indicate your desired entry number and device on the caption! Any number
will do as long as it is not taken yet, I will inform you by the way. And please 
make sure your account is public, otherwise, I won't see your entries

NOTE: please follow those simple rules so that
your entry will be considered as valid

P O S T I N G  O F  W I N N E R S

There will be four lucky winners:
2 winners for android
2 winners for iOS

I will announce the winners on my instagram on Friday night at 8pm, PH pacific time

. . .

W H A T  Y O U ' L L  G E T

GO SMS (for android)

Wallpapers (both for android and iOS)

Colorkeyboard and SMS Backgrounds (for iOS users)

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