How to install this and that.
Google is the answer, not me. There are lots of basic tutorials
out there, you only have to read and understand.

How to make themes.
Once and for all, I don't teach on how to make themes, still,
google is there, waiting for you.

How to reach me.
I don't usually respond via email. So you could reach me
by kik: camilcd

How to buy my themes.
The only way to pay for my themes is through
paypal: bsn.camil@yahoo.com.ph

If I do customs themes.
NO. I don't make custom themes, only custom

Can I use .ttf font files for iPhone and Android.
You could use .ttf font files on android IF you have ifont
and ifont donate from playstore. For iPhone users, NO
you can't, unless someone converts it for iOS.

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