Some still doesn't know how to use ttf fonts since some Android phones
doesn't already support flipfonts (normal way of changing fonts in settings).
So now, I will be posting an easy step-by-step tutorial.

You'll be needing:
iFont and iFont Donate (both from playstore)

1. Install iFont, then install iFont Donate
2. After installing, iFont will automatically generate a folder
3. Go to your file manager and look for the ifont folder
4. Inside the iFont folder, there is another folder named as custom
5. Paste your ttf font inside the custom folder
6. Go to the iFont application
7. Go to the custom tab then select your font and set it


You'll be needing:
Go Keyboard (from playstore)

1. Download any Go Keyboard theme from playstore, but I prefer
the Painted Fish theme
2. Go to Go Keyboard settings
3. Then go to Display Settings, you will now see the Customize
portrait key height, set it in any height you prefer. (For first timers,
this is a trial and error, adjust this from 1-5 if the keyboard you've
downloaded is not compatible with the size. *Make sure the keyboard
skin is fully cropped when applying! If not, then adjust the portrait key height)
4. Go back to the main Go Keyboard settings, then go to Theme Settings, you
will see a button (photo gallery like button) at the upper most right, click it
5. Lastly, set the current transparency to 100. And on the portrait background,
select the Go Keyboard Skin you've downloaded


  1. Anonymous4/15/2015

    Hey, for some reason your fonts still won't show up in ifont for me. It can't find them and I did all of the steps right. S5 device

  2. Hello, I tried Googling it but I can't figure out how to edit themes that I've downloaded. I just get apps that are theme makers but they don't allow me to edit existing themes or edit the parts of go SMS that I want - specifically the send button/ "tap here to compose" area - any ideas on how I can do this? ( it's just for personal use) I currently have your meow go SMS theme and I love it but I just want to change that one section... please help?